Commercial Applications

SiliconLine has considerable experience in designing, developing and implementing commercial applications. It has developed various tailor made solutions, integrated other point-to-point solutions for various esteemed clients across various industries.

Web Application

Every successful organization needs to make its presence felt to the people. Again, when an organization�s client base increases, it becomes unfeasible for it to provide information and services through traditional means. Therein comes the Internet. Through web, a company can make its presence felt over to billions and can provide information based services to its wide clientele.

SiliconLine takes pride in harboring talented individuals in these spheres, who have considerable experience in these fields, so that proper solutions are provided to the client with professional look and flawless working. SiliconLine�s experience across multi-dimensional business areas helps it to address the needs for real business situations, keeping the costs minimum and adhering to reduction in cycle time, reduced inventories and better collaborative planning capabilities.


A proper presentation of an organization�s capabilities often makes a difference between success and failure. SiliconLine, with its group of talented artists and professionals, has made a place for itself by creating several such presentations, which has earned accolades by ieself.

These presentations, provide the basic profile of the organizations and the information about the products and services that it has to offer, thereby acting as an �e-Card� and catalogue clubbed into one.

Skill, Support and Maintenance

The support service is a critical component to the long term success and quality of the client�s site. Having the appropriate support in place from the onset is a critical success factor for our clients to maximize its overall investments while providing a stable environment of its uses/customers. The support program delivers the necessary support specially providing benefits such as risk reduction, self-sufficiency and excess to the level of support required at the implementation and after the implementation of the project. The company has conducted training handholding and support programs for all our clients as part of our project service deliverables.