Silicon software development teams are based in Kolkata, India.Silicon uses its resources to give its clients the infrastructure needed for technology development, business strategy and corporate growth. Every solution we create is both unique and precisely suited to the clients. We begin this exciting process by discussing in detail client's goals and objectives. From there, we determine what software solutions will work best.If this is your first solution, we take the time to explain the process from the ground up. If we are reviving an existing solution, we can work together to incorporate the advance features.Once we establish exactly what client need, we develop a project proposal that provides a detailed description of the software, identifying content, navigation and functionality.
When client are satisfied with the proposal, the design process begins. Client can be involved in every step by monitoring the progress of your software. This not only enables client to be part of the experience, but it ensures that the final product is nothing short of perfect. By having the ability to view their software as it is being build, any modifications client need can be done immediately. Once client are completely happy with the software solution, it is ready to use.
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